DIALOG+ consists of a patient-centred assessment whereby the clinician invites the patient to rate their satisfaction with different life domains and treatment aspects. The intervention is available as an app and makes use of a tablet computer (e.g. iPad or android device) within routine clinical meetings.

Each session begins with the patients using the tablet to rate their satisfaction with eight life domains (mental health, physical health, job situation, accommodation, leisure activities, friendships, relationship with family/partner, personal safety) and three treatment aspects (medication, practical help, meetings with professionals). The tablet allows patients to be more actively involved in the meeting, with the tablet easily passed between the clinician and patient. Each satisfaction item is rated on a scale from 1 (“totally dissatisfied”) to 7 (“totally satisfied”) and followed by a question on whether the patient wants additional help with that domain. The ratings are summarised on-screen, allowing for comparisons with ratings from previous meetings. Clinicians are instructed to offer positive feedback on any improving or high-scoring domains.


The DIALOG+ app is available to be downloaded for Android devices and Apple iPads

(The app is currently not available on iPhones).

For more information on the app please visit the DIALOG+ website.

The ratings are followed by a four-step solution-focused approach to identify the patient’s existing resources that can be used to address the concerns raised. The four steps are:  

(Why is the patient dissatisfied? What went nevertheless well?)
Looking Forward
(What is the best-case scenario? What is the smallest step forward?)
Exploring Options
(What can the patient, the clinician or others do?)
Agreeing on Actions
(What can the patient/the clinician/others do?)