106 Hotline provides help, psychosocial intervention, and support in emotional crisis. It is coordinated by a group of Psychologists in Bogota. 

Website: https://bogota.gov.co/servicios/guia-de-tramites-y-servicios/linea-106 

Tel: 106

Hotline for hope brings orientation to face emotional distress for all people in general. 

Website: https://telefonodelaesperanza.org/ 

Tel: 717 003 717

Talk about it! Do it for your Mental Health! 

This hotline seeks to provide emotional support and to eliminate stigma around speaking about mental health issues, mostly in men. 

Website: http://www.saludcapital.gov.co/Paginas2/Hablalo-Hazlo-por-tu-salud-mental.aspx 

Tel: 106

It is a channel of support, accompaniment and guidance created by the Pontifical Javeriana University for all Colombians, with social responsibility. A group of students, professionals and volunteers trained in mental health and sexual and reproductive health issues are ready to talk to you, answer your questions and recommend tools for your well-being. 

Website: https://www.javeriana.edu.co/mentescolectivas/