Devour albums

“Music became a refuge: ‘devouring’ albums with my ears, watching movies, interacting and playing with the family that took me in while abroad were also helpful. These were the ways I spent my time during the restrictions that were stipulated.”


“During the days I spent at the farm, I had the opportunity to go out to the ‘green’ with the animals and take advantage of my time. I feel a great passion for feeding and caressing my horses and dogs.”

Imagining lyrics

“I started thinking about how I could bring out a better version of myself with the pandemic and the quarantines. Despite the difficulties, I stayed strong and wanted to evolve as a person. Writing helped me to let off steam and feel better.”

Colourful life

“Despite all the difficulties, a gift emerged within me: art could heal those wounds. Drawing and creating were the activities that arrived to stay within me. These new hobbies were a ‘blessing’ in order to overcome the difficulties brought by the pandemic.”


“Playing video games was what mainly helped me to dissipate the sadness, frustration and loneliness that I felt at times. The Playstation was a great company in my confinement.”


“Photography became an activity that helps me deal with my problems. By walking around with my camera, looking for what or who to photograph and what story to tell from the portraits, I can forget about my problems and focus on something that I am passionate about.”


“I had to search for other ways to pass the time to fight with the lockdown and the feelings of solitude and sadness. I found great support through prayer and in my mother, who would do even the impossible to see a smile on my face.”