A look inwards

“I’d play my ukulele, danced and started making beautiful pieces of macramé. […] And in that time, I started being with myself, alone, in Pereira. Trying to talk to myself and understand myself. And this was what helped me the most.”

The bedroom as a refuge

“I dedicated more time to being with my close friends through video games. ‘Come, let’s play something and while we´re at it let’s talk about life and vent.’ This helped me a lot.”

Dance and growth

“Now I´m here, in Bogotá, and I feel nostalgic when remembering that time in which I was alone with my dancing in Bucaramanga and decided to push myself to the max. But I look at where I am and I´m flooded with a gratifying feeling of knowing that, even though I’ve left a lot of things behind, I’m still working with discipline and love on what I love most.”

A profound introspection

“I spent the first 3 or 4 months pondering, analysing my actions and feelings. I love to think, I enjoy the hundreds of conclusions I can get from my thoughts. This situation taught me how to look deeper into what I’m feeling. I´ve become more observant.”

Transiting the pandemic effects

“The pandemic struck me hard. I distanced myself from everything, including myself. The only thing that helped me overcome the beginning was painting and my dog Milo.”

Listening to your emotions

“When the pandemic started, I was obliged to find a space where I wanted to be inside my home, to resignify what meant staying here, to avoid evading my presence here. I found my place in the grass, in the sunsets, in the wind, in delicious food and the dogs that kept me company.”

A space to rethink oneself

“So I changed everything. In this process, I changed my dreams, my plans and my goals. I rethought and questioned everything about myself and what I really wanted.”