Song of thoughts

“Playing piano helped me the most. I tried to find the correct notes to express the feelings I had. I practiced until I had something that sounded good and this made me feel better.”

In family

“When I recognized that being unable to sleep was a major problem, I talked to my father, who went through similar things, and asked about his situation and about seeking professional help if the discomfort persisted. Reaching out for support was enough to cope with the situation.”

Peace in the music

“I discovered that playing guitar doesn´t help me when dealing with my emotions, but it does help me prolong my good mood.”

A fundamental passion

“Although I was able to continue with activities such as cycling and walking, my sporting activities were banned and, in “hiding” from the government, I continued to play American football when possible. I lifted weights when frustrated and found new music to relax when dancing, drawing or engaging in a new activity: cooking.”

Rhythmic burst

“It was emotionally unsettling to think that I couldn´t go out, but I´m better know because I became a better person and learned things. We´re now also going back to normality and I can go out to see my friends. I learned how to handle stress and negative emotions to avoid collapsing.”

Own communication

“Writing in my own language was something very important to this process, given that I consider it as a way to communicate and contemplate my way of thinking. Dancing and drawing also helped me a lot, given that its purpose transcended the pleasure of it; what I sought was a connection to my own self.”


“Unable to leave the house, I became aware of my emotions and looked for activities to take my mind off my constant state of stress and sadness. This was an opportunity, a push towards change. So, I started a new vegan lifestyle and I learned to cook dishes by myself.”