Calm down and think

“Soccer was something I practiced before the pandemic started. I practiced during my free time to reinforce my knowledge and talent. It helped me manage my emotions and liberate stress.”

With every achievement I feel proud

“When I saw a guitar in the house, and felt curious to learn, I started to learn how to play, and little by little I improved. So, when things started to go well, I recognized that I was able to achieve something because I set my mind to it.”

On the way to happiness

“Some activities helped the quarantine to be happier. Free skating and skateboarding have helped me most during this pandemic.”

Need of freedom

“Small activities that were permitted like walking the dog, playing basketball and going to the store and buying things, allowed him to find an escape from feeling trapped in the house”.

I’m strong, but I’m not alone

“The pandemic made me more introverted, my moods were lower, I had anxiety and my depression increased. The pandemic affected me a great deal. Thus, seeking out support from my friends and loved ones was something very important for me.”

A good perspective

“Even though the changes were noticeable and some of them negative, I could see the positive side of such changes: the pandemic taught me to be more patient and grateful.”

I can handle this

“Before the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the activities that had the most impact in my life was putting together Rubik’s cubes. One of the activities I started to engage in with my brother and cousin was animation programming. This helped me feel more at ease being in quarantine.”