Family love

“When the pandemic started, I had to leave aside some activities and start doing other ones. During this time, the activities I engaged in were spending time with my mother and continue studying. The activity that helped me remain calm and content was spending time with my mother.”

Enjoying my childhood

“At the start of the quarantine, I kept doing the same activities I was used to, like playing video games. I started playing new video games, watching series and movies. These activities allowed me to distract myself and to stop feeling locked up.”

Look at de cross

“I feel that my life changed a lot given the necessity of being at home with my family. This change helped me value the unconditionality of my loved ones.”

Passion for art

“When the quarantine started, emotions and sensations changed in a lot of people. In the midst of this change, I still enjoyed exercising or playing sports. Additionally, when drawing I felt free and healthy physically and mentally.”

Spiritual presence

“I have looked for emotional support given that my self-esteem decreased significantly since the pandemic started. I looked for support with my church´s priest, who listens and counsels me. This support has helped me a great deal.”


“When I have a crisis or a problem, I vent looking at the mirror and talk to myself. This way I find the best way to resolve conflict. I feel that love and spending time with my family are a great emotional support I can have.”

Living through the words

“I feel I can control my emotions. I believe that the activities that could help me when I’m feeling angry or sad are reading and playing a musical instrument.”