Overcoming different stages

“Even though I doesn’t consider myself an expressive person, in drawing I found a way to express and release everything I couldn´t with words.”

Opening to a new reality

“With one of my cousins, whom I see as a role model, I was able to find the space and opportunity to open herself to feeling and enjoying feelings from that moment, or from long ago, still resonated in me. They were long but profitable nights for both of us.”

Dante: a life partner

“When the pandemic arrived, my parents gave me a cat. With my pet, I found peace and tranquillity, but also responsibilities. Even if I didn’t have to get up early, I knew that the cat needed me for food and entertainment. Dante, my pet, became my biggest emotional support during quarantine.”

Overcoming adversity

“When the situation due to the pandemic improved, I began to visit my great grandmother constantly. When we were together, I felt recovering the energy and motivation I needed to get over what we were living through.”

Value what we have

“I liked to keep myself distracted to manage my emotions, so I maintained myself occupied reading, singing, playing guitar, going out or even doing some of my university assignments.”

The unconditional support of a friendship

“I maintained contact and a good relationship with my group of friends, with whom I got together as soon as I could. Meeting them made me realize that they are what helps me the most when I don’t feel well.”

The present moment

“From my meditations and self-reflecting moments, I highlight the maturity and personal growth I feel I have worked on little by little. I deem myself as a more serene person and a person who is rational with her actions that has found the emotional support she needs in her family and friends.”